Tall Ships in Stavanger during the Tall Ships Races 2018 Windseeker

Sailing back to Ushuaia

Antartica – Ushuaia

– by Sally

We had a great sail to Ushuaia, tacking all the way, Anne-Margaretha, well-heeled over and really showing off. Around the halfway point Heinz called the crew up and down came the fok and up went the storm fok. This added another knot to our speed and soon we were back in Ushuaia. Our adventure was over.

At breakfast this morning Heinz asked us all to say what the trip had meant for us. Everyone agreed that even if they’d wanted to die in the first few days out in the Drake, it made the experience all the better when they emerged from their sea sickness and became part of the dream. We are all still mesmerised by the journey, the sailing, the sights, the unique bond between captain and crew, and the bond that developed between us all. It truly was trip of a lifetime and I would head back out into the Drake in a heartbeat! For me it was all beyond magnificent. There can be no other way to see and experience the Antarctic than the journey we have just made.