Small Ships



Alexa is the type of a haikutter. This particular hull shape was built around 1900 to 1940 in Denmark with over 9,000 pieces and was used in the North Sea and Baltic Sea for fishing.

With the year of construction 1938 she belongs to the last representatives of this kind. Until 1984 she was also used as a fishing cutter, from 1986 began the conversion to gaff ketch. In spring of 1997, when the interior had become cozy cabins, the conversion was completed. Now the ship has three areas with a total of six fixed and six variable berths, rustic and maritime.


Alexa was built as a fishing vessel in Denmark and later converted for multi-day trips with guests on the Baltic Sea. The current owner is a non-profit organization who’ve acquired her in 2017. Nowadays Alexa does Sail Training with youth and young at heart on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

Alexa is a smaller traditional ship and the atmosphere on board is very personal and familiar. Everyone on board tries different positions: navigating, steering, setting sails, cooking – all crew members rotate these tasks. On board you will learn a lot about traditional seamanship and be an important part of the crew. You will have a lot of fun while sailing, and grow into a team with tolerance and respect. The crew will make you feel right at home.

The languages on board are German and English.


In the foredeck, there are two berths on the port side one above the other. These are 190 cm long and 75 cm wide. The two original sailor berths from the 1930s to starboard are used as storage space. In the rustic and cozy living room there are two fixed beds in a double bunk. The seating area can be transformed into three double-deck bunks by folding up the backrests, which provides eight beds in the saloon. These also offer space for people up to 2 meters high. In the aft are the two bunks for the regular crew.

In the passage from the saloon to the aft is the galley. It is equipped with a 2-burner gas cooker with oven, fridge and sink. On board there are two toilets, running cold water (if the engine worked also warm water), as well as an environmentally friendly waste water tank. On cool days, a warm air heater ensures pleasant temperatures below deck.


Shipping type: Dänischer Haikutter, Gaffelketsch (Danish shark cutter, gaff ketch)
Homeport: Laboe (Kiel fjord), Germany
Date built: 1938
Restored: 1986-1997
Capacity: 12
Length: 19m
Beam: 4,5m
Draught: 2,3m
Sail: 153m2
Height of mast: 22m
Engine capacity: 100 kW