Small Ships



D´Eerstelling was built in 1908 in Drachten, Netherlands. The ship then transported freight and was rebuilt as a passenger ship for the Baltic Sea. In 1960 the vessel became an inboard ship. In 1993 she got a complete refit and in 2012 the sanitary was redone.


Trusty sailing vessel that is sailing in the Netherlands. If the sails are hoisted and the ship d’Eersteling is on course, there is rich time for other activities. The deck of teak invites to close the eyes and to enjoy the sun or to read a good book. The d´Eerstelling is a stable sailing ship. On the benches of the middle deck one sits for the view of the water in the first row. Also the raised quarterdeck with little bench is a popular place. Of course the ship fulfills the newest safety standards. Trainees are welcome on board to enjoy sailing.


The d´Eerstelling is sailed with a Skipper and a first Mate, who are both full time professional sailors, and up to 20 trainees. Accommodation for the trainees consists of 4 two bed cabins and 4 three bed cabins. The cabins have a washbasin and storage space for your luggage. Shower / WC are in the corridor. The comfortable and cozy saloon invites the guests to enjoy their meals and drinks. The galley is close to the saloon.


Shipping type: Hektjalk
Homeport: Enkhuizen
Date built: 1908
Restored: 2012
Capacity: 20
Length: 27 m
Beam: 5,50 m
Draught: 1,30 m
Sail: 300 m2
Height of mast: 25 m
Engine capacity: Caterpillar