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Grossherzogin Elisabeth


Built in 1909 in the Netherlands, the vessel has a rich history. She was sailing as a freight liner in the early 20th century, from South America to Africa. She was the first Schooner equipped with a diesel engine for commercial usage on her voyages worldwide. After several refits she was operating as a sailing cruise vessel in the Mediterranean, before she came to her new home port Elsfleth, Germany. Today she is owned and operated by the non-profit organisation „Schulschiffverein Grossherzogin Elisabeth e.V.“


These days the Grossherzogin Elisabeth („Lissi“) is  sailing all around northern Europe. Her mission is to educate young professional seafarers but she offers the experience of sailing on a tall ship for everyone. “Lissi” is engaged in the sail training of maritime students in the commercial nautical and cruise industry in cooperation with several colleges around Europe. The vessel sails all around the Baltic and North Sea. Besides these cooperations, the „Lissi“ offers trips from April to September to everyone interested. Regular trips to the North Sea are offered on weekends throughout the entire season and in summer one sailing area between the French Atlantic coast and Russia is chosen each year.


Resulting from former employment as a cruise vessel, the accommodation on board is in spacious cabins for two to three persons. Each cabin has its own bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. Voyages are performed with a maximum of 59 persons on board. Indoor most time is spent in the mess room and at our bar, where we meet for meals, games, conversation and relaxing.


Shipping type: 3 Mast Gaff Schooner
Homeport: Elsfleth/Weser
Date built: 1909
Capacity: 60
Length: 64 m
Beam: 8 m
Draught: 3 m
Sail: 1000 m2
Height of mast: 35 m
Engine capacity: 294kW