Tall Ships



Gunilla was launched in 1940 as a long-haul cargo ship. With the exception of a short time in the 50s, when the ship acted as a ferry, transporting both people and cars to Öland, she was sailing with the cargo until the 90s. In 1997 Gunilla was completely rebuilt and started working as a Sail Training ship.


Recently refitted as a three-masted bark, Gunilla makes for an impressive sight.

From late August until May the Gunilla sails on the Atlantic with students from Öckerö Gymnasieskolan. During summer the ship participates in the Tall Ships Races and other maritime events.


38 trainees can sleep on board the Gunilla in 4-person cabins. A large hall can be used as a classroom or the meeting room for talking, playing and relaxing. With comfortable furnishings and modern equipment, Gunilla makes for a nice sail training vessel.


Shipping type: 3-masted bark
Homeport: Öckerö, Sweden
Date built: 1940
Restored: 1997
Capacity: 56
Length: 49,6m
Beam: 8,4m
Draught: 3m
Sail: 1000m2
Height of mast: 35 m
Engine capacity: Volvo D16 550hp