Small Ships

Johanna Lucretia


The Johanna Lucretia was built in 1945 in Gent, Belguim. Although originally built as a fishing vessel she was never used for this purpose. She had to wait almost 10 years before somebody took her to sea. She was sold to the Netherlands and sailed Dutch waters from her homeport Enkhuizen.

In 1989 the Johanna was sold to the United Kingdom, with Plymouth as new homeport. In 1991/1992 she was refitted, to the stunning vessel she is today. The owner took her to Gibraltar, The Caribbean and the East Coast of the USA for charter and sail training purposes.
Her present owner sails her in European waters and has his main aim on Sail Training.


After two big refits and installing all the latest technology she is now truly ready to hit the high seas! She sails around Europe and competes in the Tall Ships Races and Regatta’s. During the Tall Ships Races 2012, the Johanna Lucretia was Class B Over-All Winner at corrected time. And again in 2014 she was overall winner in class B during the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta.


A beautiful wooden ship with 14 berths. Two berths cabins and 4 berths cabins.
Below decks you will find a real nautical athmosphere. The wood gives a warm feeling and the communal area gives you space to learn and space to relax.


Shipping type: Two mast topsail schooner
Date built: 1945
Length: 29 m
Beam: 5,5 m
Draught: 2,8 m
Sail: 372 m2
Height of mast:
Engine capacity: