STV (Sail Training Vessel) Patricia was launched for the first time in 2014. It’s an Xp55 - a type of very fast ("p" stands for "performance") Danish yachts, with 55 feet length over all (LOA), excluding the bowsprit.

Patricia regularly competes in the Tall Ships Races and regattas. Her skipper and crew like sport sailing, so if you've got a competitive spirit and want to sail to win, this is the right vessel for you!

On board there are several comfortable spaces to sleep in: two aft cabins, one front cabin, each with own bathroom; two single bunks amidships, and two single bunks in the fore peak. The interior is comfortable and cosy, providing a nice place to relax.


Shipping type: Sloop Marconi 9/10


Date built: 2014



Length: 16.76 m

Beam: 4.77 m

Draught: 3.2 m

Sail: 339.6 sqm

Height of mast:

Engine capacity:

Displacement: 16800 kg

Join Patricia for an adventurous sailing experience!

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15 Jun 2024 - 29 Jun 2024

Delivery to the Tall Ships Races. Why wait to start the Tall Ships Races adventure, and fly to Klaipeda, when you can reach the port by...

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Klaipeda (LT) - Helsinki (FI)

29 Jun 2024 - 06 Jul 2024

The Tall Ships Races 2024: Race 1. Join Patricia for an adventurous journey from Lithuania to Finland. Step on board and roll up your sleeves because...

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Helsinki (FI) - Tallinn (EE)

06 Jul 2024 - 13 Jul 2024

The Tall Ships Races 2024: Cruise in Company 1. Join Patricia for the Cruise in Company between two capitals: Helsinki and Tallinn, and explore the hidden...

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Tallinn (EE) - Turku (FI)

13 Jul 2024 - 20 Jul 2024

The Tall Ships Races 2024: Race 2. Get ready for an adventure: sail from Estonian capital Tallinn to the Finnish city of Turku, while racing Tall...

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Turku (FI) - Mariehamn (AX)

20 Jul 2024 - 26 Jul 2024

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Mariehamn (AX) - Szczecin (PL)

26 Jul 2024 - 04 Aug 2024

The Tall Ships Races 2024: Race 3. Get ready for some serious sailing - Patricia is one of those vessels that sail to win! Step on...

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Szczecin (PL) - Oostende (BE)

04 Aug 2024 - 14 Aug 2024

Delivery from the Tall Ships Races. Can't get leave during the Tall Ships Races? Want to prolong your time on board? Or maybe you'd like to...

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