Tall Ships



The Sail Training Ship Pogoria was launched in 1980 at the famous Lenins Shipyard in Gdansk. She was built for the Iron Shackle Fraternity - a marine educational project sponsored by Polish National Television, founded by Capt.Adam Jasser. The current operator of Pogoria is the Sail Training Association Poland. Since 1982 Pogoria is taking part in Tall Ships Races and in 1999 she won the most important and prestigious award the Friendship Trophy.


Pogoria is the flagship of the Polish Sail Trainers Association in Gdansk. The Pogoria has sailed many Tall Ships Races. This three masted barkentine is equipped with a total of 1000 square meter sails. Which makes her able to hit a top speed of about 9 knots under sails. Pogoria is a great ship to sail with, she is both fast and safe. She can offer a very unique opportunity to learn how to sail with both Square sails and Gaff sails. The crew onboard is highly professional and will do their out most to teach the ropes.


Trainees live in the 4, 8, 10 and 12 persons cabins, each of them has/his own bunk. They are divided into four watches of 8-10 each. Three of those do four hours on watch and eight off while the fourth one is the galley watch, helping the cook and keeping the ship tidy.


Shipping type: Three masted barquentine
Homeport: Gdynia (PL)
Date built: 1980
Restored: -
Length: 48 m
Beam: 8 m
Draught: 3,6 m
Sail: 1000 m2
Height of mast: 37 m
Engine capacity: 350 HP