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The Sørlandet is alternately manned by cadets of the Royal Norwegian Navy and by passengers. The ship was built in 1927 and was - after a royal inspection of the Norwegian king Haakon and crown prince Olav - put into service as a trainee ship for future sailors that same year. The ship was refurbished after the Second World War and a motor was built in. After a few different owners the ship was taken over by a non-profit organisation in 1977 that maintains the ship to this day. The Norwegian Department of Culture acknowledges the importance of this sailing heritage. The Sørlandet still crosses the Atlantic Ocean on a regular basis and several times it entered the spotlights. The Sørlandet hosted a tour along the Norwegian coast (84.000 visitors) and even performed as an extra at a New York film shoot.

In 1956 Sorlandet was part of the very first Tall Ships Races!


The bow of the Sorlandet cuts through the North-European waters at summertime. Since 1995 she regularly crosses the Atlantic Ocean on the way to far-away destinations, like the Caribbean. Sometimes the Ship is manned by the cadets of the Royal Norwegian Marine. At other times you can take the helm, together with the permanent crew on board. With the popular Norwegian crown princess Mette-Marit as patroness, the ship couldn’t wish for better vibes. So as a crew member of this royal ship you live like a king!


This ship is mostly in its original state, which gives it a warm and cozy appearance. Both the day-room and crew cabins are equipped with air-conditioning. The sleeping quarters have 'fitted' bunks against the wall and for the devotee we have super relaxed hammocks. Obviously, food is well taken care of.


Shipping type: Threemast Full Ship
Homeport: Kristiansand (NO)
Date built: 1927
Restored: 1948, 1958, 1977, 2006
Capacity: 70
Length: 64m
Beam: 9m
Draught: 4,5m
Sail: 1236 m2
Height of mast: 34,2 m
Engine capacity: 560 HP