The bow of the Sorlandet slices through the North-European waters each summer, embodying maritime tradition and adventure. Since 1995, she has regularly crossed the Atlantic Ocean, venturing to distant destinations like the Caribbean. Occasionally, the ship is manned by the cadets of the Royal Norwegian Navy, but there are also times when you can take the helm alongside the permanent crew on board. With the esteemed Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit as the ship's patroness, the Sorlandet is imbued with royal prestige. As a crew member of this majestic vessel, you'll truly live like royalty. Join us for an unforgettable journey on this historic Tall Ship!


The Sørlandet alternates between being manned by cadets of the Royal Norwegian Navy and welcoming passengers aboard. Built in 1927, she was commissioned as a trainee ship for future sailors following a royal inspection by King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav. After World War II, the ship was refurbished and equipped with a motor. In 1977, a non-profit organization took over the ship's ownership and continues to maintain it today, recognizing its cultural significance. The Sørlandet regularly crosses the Atlantic Ocean and has had many notable moments, including hosting a tour along the Norwegian coast, attracting 84,000 visitors, and appearing as an extra in a New York film shoot. Remarkably, the Sørlandet participated in the very first Tall Ships Races in 1956!


This ship retains much of its original charm, offering a warm and cozy ambiance. Both the day room and crew cabins are equipped with air conditioning for comfort. The sleeping quarters feature 'fitted' bunks against the wall, and for those seeking a traditional experience, there are super-relaxed hammocks available. Naturally, the food on board is well taken care of, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying journey.


Shipping type: Threemast Full Ship

Homeport: Kristiansand (NO)

Date built: 1927

Restored: 1948, 1958, 1977, 2006

Capacity: 70

Length: 64m

Beam: 9m

Draught: 4,5m

Sail: 1236 m2

Height of mast: 34,2 m

Engine capacity: 560 HP

Displacement: 891 ton

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