Tall Ships

Vega Gamleby


The Vega was built in 1909 in Viken, Sweden. She has sailed the Baltic Sea for many years up until a motor was built in the ship in 1932. Until 1937 her homeports were Lerberget and Höganäs. Later she found her hometown in Skärhamn until 1966. After she was bought by director B.Guthenber, she left the West Coast and was put into work as a transporter of Stockholm transport supplies to Cape Verde.

She is one of the last remaining traditionally-built wooden vessels that transported merchandise and supplies along the Swedish coast up until the middle of the 20th century. After losing economic interest the Vega was destined to be broken down at Finnboda shipyard in Stockholm in 1985. Fortunately she was saved at the very last minute by Egil Bergström and a huge restoration project had begun. Egil saw the importance of preserving this magnificent vessel and passing the maritime heritage on to future generations.

Vega has been sailing with Windseeker international youth exchanges for years. Since 2019 Vega Gamleby is a host of Clean Circle Navigators (before: Sustainable Sailing) youth journeys, educating the youngest generation and participating in research on plastic pollution of the seas.


The Swedish Tall Ship Vega Gamleby is open to all those wishing to experience a moment of history. In 2009 she celebrated her 100th anniversary and is still sailing the seas, as seaworthy as ever. Enjoy the experience of only having the wind as your main source of power on board, whilst listening to the rippling water or whistling of the wind in the rig. The Vega will let you join an adventure, where you can discover and interact with the forces of nature. This ship and crew will let you experience living history!

Vega is a vegetarian ship and there is no meat served on board (other non-meat diets possible at request, contact us for details).


In the former hold below the deck, a large lounge has been built in, with plenty of space to enjoy meals or to socialize. The atmosphere on board is that of an authentic sailing ship. Lots of wood and nice lighting from the skylights and portholes.
The cabins accommodate two to four people. The ship's cook is known for delicious vegetarian food, which is all prepared in a well-equipped kitchen.

The Vega is equipped and staffed in accordance with the Swedish Maritime Administration requirements and passenger certificate.


Shipping type: Topsail Schooner
Homeport: Gamleby
Date built: 1909
Restored: 1993 - 2008
Capacity: 36
Length: 30,5m
Beam: 7,75m
Draught: 2,7m
Sail: 650 m2
Height of mast: 27m
Engine capacity: Callesen Diesel 260HP