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Jump on board of the Tall Ships to discover new horizons!


Windseekers love events! Over the years we have organized, coordinated, or helped with the organization of multiple sailing projects.

For the Tall Ships Races we offer places on board of many Tall Ships, Small Ships and Yachts. Our mentors on board make sure that everyone is having a great time while participating in Sail Training activities. We are also present in host ports, where you can see us by the famous black t-shirts with white compass-rose logo.

The International Exchanges are very comprehensive projects which combine learning to sail, spending time with young people of different nationalities, and educational programs. At the moment we are adjusting the sails and changing our course towards the very important issues of sustainability and pollution. Our future exchanges will always include the matter of environmental impact of sailing and try to find the solutions to plastic pollution of the oceans.

Our participation in the Clean2Antarctica: Quest for Change project comes from the same need to take care of the environment we live – and, indeed, sail – in. The Quest will include young people who will sail on the Morgenster to Antarctica, bringing on board the Solar Voyager – a vessel built from 3D printed parts of recycled plastics, while the ship becomes a sailing think-tank.

SAIL Amsterdam is a huge sailing event, happening… in Amsterdam. Since 1970 every 5 years the city fills up with sailing vessels and millions of spectators. The next even will happen in 2020 and we’re already busy making it the best SAIL Amsterdam yet!

Our events couldn’t have happened without many of our temporary and ongoing partners. Our current network includes both local and international sailing and youth organisations. We all work together to bring sail training to as many young people as possible!


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