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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!


03 January - 14 January 2015

11 days, Alexander von Humboldt II

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Sail Training

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Alexander von Humboldt II:

03 January - 14 January 2015

On this Journey you will discover the Archipelago of Cape Verde. Sail between the islands. Swim in the clear blue waters and let yourself be guided by locals ashore. Look at the amazing star filled nights while breathing in the fresh air. Sail with fair winds and experience the beautiful nature surrounding you. Open to all ages, minimum age 15 years. (Price is excluded membership STAG – 30 EUR/60 EUR)


Key points

  • "A thrilling journey full of breath-taking moments which have taught me that live should always be lived at its fullest."

    Jorge (18), Spain

You sail on the Alexander von Humboldt II

Shipping type: Bark
Homeport: Bremerhaven (DE)
Date built: 2011
Trainees: 54
Length: 65m
Height of mast: 32,9 m
Sail: 1360 m2

The Alexander von Humboldt II is a sail training ship in every possible way. She was built by and for sail trainers. She meets high safety standards and has modern nautical and technical facilities. The permanent crew members are specially …

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Windseeker logs

  • Trainees at the Vega Gamleby

    It feels like we have been out for a lot longer than we actually have

    Vega Gamleby

    Gothenburg - Blyth - Gothenburg

    – by the Trainees

    Logbook trainees Vega Gamleby 2016 Gothenburg-Blyth-Gothenburg Part 2: 25-26 August   25- August-2016 Today we have learned what all the sails and ropes are called, and what they do. We also saw dolphins again and a whale for the first time. We are getting …

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  • Clean Circle Navigators 2019: plastic research

    – by Maarten Erich, Science Coordinator of By The Ocean We Unite
    & Anna Gudarowska, Windseeker

    In 2019 Windseeker teamed up with By the Ocean we Unite (now: The Ocean Movement) for the first time. In the summer 148 Windseekers took part in the first Sustainable Sailing journeys (now: Clean Circle Navigators) on four Tall Ships. …

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