Pascual Flores


The Pascual Flores carries out a multitude of training programs for trainees who decide to sail aboard the Ship. During the journey, all the trainees participate in the sailing activities that are carried out on board: using the same sailing techniques, with training on navigation, charts, use of sails, knots, etc.

On board everyone works in 3 watch groups, each spending 4 hours on, before having a break of 8 hours.


The pailebote Pascual Flores was built in 1917. In its early years, the ship was dedicated to the export of fruit, salt and general cargo, both in Mediterranean ports and anchorages and on the North and West coasts of Africa. The decade between 1915 and 1925 saw years of significant activity for the sailing trade fleet of Torrevieja. Even so, in the 1940s, there were still numerous local vessels engaged in cabotage trade journeys, with Torrevieja being considered the last sailing refuge in the Spanish Mediterranean.


The Pascual Flores has a total of cabins bed for 12 trainees to spend the night aboard the ship. It has a total of 5 bathrooms and 3 showers that can be used by all trainees. It also has a cozy room and a fully equipped kitchen.


Shipping type: Schooner

Homeport: Torrevieja (ES)

Date built: 1917

Restored: 2005

Capacity: 24 (12 crew and 12 trainees)

Length: 43 m

Beam: 8,8 m

Draught: 4 m

Sail: 400 m2

Height of mast:

Engine capacity: 375 kW


Sail on board Pascual Flores

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