Twister was built in 1902 and renovated, in 2012 in order to provide all the latest safety features and modern comfort. These days she is a very fast and reliable sailing vessel. The modern rigging system and  gracefully designed lines enable the her to perform excellently both on the IJsselmeer, Baltic Sea, Caribbean, and out on the ocean.

Come on board for an exciting sailing trip aboard the seagoing two-masted schooner. You will surely enjoy yourself, whether at the helm, on deck or in the cozy wheelhouse.

Become a trainee on the Twister and enjoy sailing together with professional captain and other passionate sailors.


Twister was build completely out of wood as a traditional fishing ship in 1902. In 1957 the wooden hull was replaced by a steel one. The ship continued to operate as a modern fishing cutter until 1981. In 1998 the two-masted schooner was completely converted into a luxury sailing ship with the feel of a yacht and a drive for an adventure.


The Twister's accommodation plan makes her a perfect Ship for families. You can choose between two-person, three-person and four-person cabins, each equipped with washbasin and storage space for your luggage. The shower and WC are communal. The Twister is a very spacious and comfortable vessel, with a very generous saloon to relax in after your watch.


Shipping type: Two-masted schooner

Homeport: Harlingen

Date built: 1902

Restored: 2012

Capacity: 22

Length: 35 m

Beam: 6,20 m

Draught: 2,80 m

Sail: 350 m2

Height of mast: 27,5 m

Engine capacity: Mercedes


Set course for a Twister expedition!

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