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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!

Horta (PT) - Belfast (GB)

19 June - 04 July 2015

15 days, Bark Europa

From € 995,-

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International Exchange

28 : € 995,-
> 28 : € 1450,-

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Bark Europa:
Horta (PT) - Belfast (GB)

19 June - 04 July 2015

Join the Bark Europa for an EU Exchange “Erasmus+” voyage of 15 days for trainees from the following countries: Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK. Besides sail training, you also will join an intercultural programme from European Union Exchange Erasmus+ with a nautical theme: Seafarers united, a cultural discovery of the past and the future of Seafaring. Make new international friends, learn to handle the ship, and stand watch together with your fellow trainees and the crew. It promises to be a journey of epic discovery! For Windseekers age 15-28. Request more information or the special outline via info@windseeker.org

Programme Outline

Arrive in the harbour of Horta and immerse yourself in the world of sailing and life at sea. Your Journey starts on the 19th of June 2015 at 16:00 hours on the Bark Europa. Step on board and meet the crew and your fellow Windseekers. If you arrive before 16:00, you can store your bags on board and have a look around in the city. The next morning you’ll set course for Cornwall. After an early breakfast you learn how everything works on deck. Together you prepare the Ship and start your Journey.

Your watch mates will be part of your life for the rest of your Journey. Under the guidance of the professional crew you will learn how to sail the ship as an international team of Windseekers working together. You’ll be on watch once by day and once by night. You set the sails, steer the ship, help the cook and clean the ship inside and out. When you are needed, you also can help outside of your watch hours. The watch officer will keep track of the navigation while you are managing the sails.

Life at sea can be hectic at times, especially when the wind sets in. But there is often time to relax. Read a book, watch the sunset, have a nap on deck or play a game with your fellow Windseekers. Life on board is a unique experience. Weather and schedule permitting, there will be daily group activities. Varying from playing games to cooking your national dishes. This is a good way to get to know each other better. Before you arrive in Cornwall you will start to feel like one big family.

After the experience of Cornwall it is time to get ready for the Journey to Belfast. This leg challenges you and your fellow Windseekers to put into practice what you’ve learned in the first leg. The outcome depends on your teamwork and motivation! When you arrive in Belfast, the Tall Ships Races festival will be just starting. There are free open-air concerts, city tours and parties, and thousands of spectators to watch the parade. The next morning you’ll say goodbye to your friends.


Horta is situated in the western part of the Archipelago of the Azores on the island of Faial. The marina is a primary stop for yachts crossing the Atlantic. Its walls and walkways are covered in paintings created by the crews of visiting ships. Peter's Cafe Sport, located across from the marina, houses the island's scrimshaw museum. A collection of artefacts carved from whale tooth and jawbone. This café is a point of reference for trans-Atlantic yachtsmen and sailors.

Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland. It started out as a small hamlet with fertile land along the mouth of the Lagan. Soon, marauders and pirates realised Belfast’s lough was deep and their shores were the perfect haven for repairing sea ravaged ships. Today Belfast is a wonderful city to explore! Visit the Titanic quarter waterfront, the Ulster Museum, or the Odyssey area where you'll find lots of entertainment. And spend some time in one of Belfast's many pubs.

Sponsorship and costs

Your Life on Board covers 15 days, starting on the 19th of June and ending on the 4th of July 2015. The normal price for this voyage is €1450. If you're from one of the partnering EU countries (PT, NO, DK, NL, FR, DE, UK), and 15 - 28 years of age, you are eligible for the reduced price of € 995. Price excludes drinks at the bar and transportation to and from the Ship. After the Journey's conclusion you may be eligible for a partial refund of transfer costs.

This special project of 15 days is organized by Windseeker in coordination with partners in 5 different countries. The European Union provides partial funding through the "Erasmus+" programme. This programme promotes cultural exchanges between young European citizens. Erasmus+ covers a daily fee and hopefully a part of the traveling costs. This, combined with money from other funds, enables Windseeker to offer you this Journey at a reduced price.

Key points

  • Dates: 19 June 2015 - 4 July 2015
  • Embarkation: 16:00 / Disembarkation: 9:00
  • For Windseekers 15-25 years, age 26-28 at request
  • Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK
  • Windseekers joining: 48
  • No sailing experience required!
  • Official language on board: English
  • Price includes: accommodation and meals, excludes drinks at the bar
  • Price excludes transportation costs to-and from the ports. Our travel counsellor can advise you and book your transfers
  • One-off registration fee €25
  • Windseekers need to have a health insurance and a travel insurance
  • Dutch Windseekers will need to become members of the STAN / €25
  • French Windseekers need to become member of ADGV
  • Special Facebook-page of the voyage to contact fellow-Windseekers in advance and possibility to travel together
  • "This trip was about pushing your boundaries."

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Shipping type: Bark
Homeport: Den Haag (NL)
Date built: 1911
Trainees: 48
Length: 56m
Height of mast: 33m
Sail: 1250 m2

First class world wonderer. The Bark Europa has sailed every ocean and visited every continent. This three-master is equipped with a total of 30 sails and has participated in many Tall Ships' Races since 1994. In 2000 the Europa came …

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