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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!

Lisbon (PT) - La Coruna (ES) - Cherbourg (FR)

08 May - 21 August 2016

From € 850,-

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Lisbon (PT) - La Coruna (ES) - Cherbourg (FR)

08 May - 21 August 2016


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  • French Windseekers need to become member of ADGV
  • Data: 5 augustus 2016 - 21 augustus 2016
  • Aan boord: 16:00 / Van boord: 9:00
  • Voor Windseekers 15-25 jaar, leeftijd 26-28 jaar op aanvraag
  • Deelnemende landen:
  • Geen zeilervaring vereist
  • Boordtaal: Engels
  • Eenmalige registratiekosten van €25
  • Windseekers dienen een reis - en ziektekostenverzekering te hebben.
  • Mee te nemen aan boord: slaapzak, kussensloop, laken en handdoeken
  • Nederlandse deelnemers dienen jeugddonateur te worden van de STAN / €25
  • Speciale Facebookgroep van de reis waar je in contact kunt komen met de andere deelnemers (of voor evt. samen reizen)
  • "At first I didn't know what to expect and I felt kind of insecure, but the crew was really amazing and I had an unforgettable journey."

    Finn (15), Belgium

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Windseeker logs

  • A Few Moments of Peace

    Morgenster, September 2014

    Baltic Sea

    – by Windseeker Jan

    "There were dolphins!”, my watch mate told me when I emerged from my cabin. “Hundreds of them! Jumping and blowing! You missed them!” I thought he was pulling my leg, but apparently he wasn’t. When seasickness claims you, you miss …

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  • Sailing back to Ushuaia


    Antartica – Ushuaia

    – by Sally

    We had a great sail to Ushuaia, tacking all the way, Anne-Margaretha, well-heeled over and really showing off. Around the halfway point Heinz called the crew up and down came the fok and up went the storm fok. This added …

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