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Built as a fishing hull the Thalassa was rigged in traditional manner in 1995. The foremast is square-rigged and the main and mizzenmast are gaff rigged. In the past decade or so she has sailed in the Baltic, to Spain, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and all around England and Scotland. Thalassa can be found in one or more legs of the Tall Ships Races every year.


Race in style. The Baltic is the Thalassa’s home ground, but this ship is more than capable to sail every imaginable sea. The 3-masted Tall Ship is super strong and seaworthy, and can sail up to 13 knots. In any wind, there is always something to do on the deck of the Thalassa. During your watch you are either setting or reducing the sails, steering, navigating or practicing knots. During the International Exchanges you are learning about sustainability and conducting plastic research with a marine biologist on board. If you’re over 21 you can join a special Whiskey during which you will visit coastal distilleries of Scotland.


Thalassa is rigged according to century-old traditions, but equipped according to the latest safety regulations with a lot of modern comforts. This results in a nice and comfortable ship with a cozy saloon, a reading corner, a well equipped galley and a spacious bar where you can have a drink. You sleep in luxurious two-person cabins (15), each fitted with a private shower and wash basin. The lavatories (9) are communal.


Shipping type: Barquentine
Homeport: Harlingen (NL)
Date built: 1980
Restored: 1995
Capacity: 30
Length: 47m
Beam: 8m
Draught: 3,9m
Sail: 800m2
Height of mast: 35m
Engine capacity: 600 hp