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Originally built in 1980 in Harlingen, Thalassa was bought by Arnold Hilkema and Jacob Dan and re-rigged in a traditional manner by 1995. Since then, she’s been operating as a Sail Training ship.

On her many voyages Thalassa has so far explored the North Sea, Baltic and Canary Islands; crossed the Atlantic several times on the way to the Caribbean and South America for winter, and visited England and Scotland. She’s been a regular competitor in the Tall Ships Races since 2004.


Sail in style. The Thalassa is more than capable to sail every imaginable sea and ocean. A 3-masted barquentine, she carries square sails on the foremast, while the main and mizzen masts are both gaff-rigged. Thanks to that she can sail quite fast (up to 13 knots!) and close to the wind, while facilitating excellent Sail Training opportunities. Climbing the 35-metre masts is a fun challenge, but you can start with lower heights. You should give it a try at least once: the views can’t be beat!

In any wind, there is always something to do on the deck of the Thalassa. During your watch you are either setting or reducing the sails, climbing the masts, steering, navigating or practicing knots.

Younger sailors can join Thalassa for the sustainable Exchange@sea journeys with plastic research, international crew and fun activities on land. The Ship also regularly competes in the Tall Ships Races.

Adults (over 21) can join the famous Whiskey voyages, and explore the coast of Scotland while visiting local Whiskey distilleries.


While on deck Thalassa is rigged according to century-old traditions, she is also equipped according to the latest safety regulations with a lot of modern comforts.

Get a good night’s sleep in one of 15 comfortable two-person cabins – each equipped with a private shower and wash basin (the 9 lavatories are communal). Have a chat with your crew mates in a cosy saloon, or relax in the reading corner with a cup of tea after watch. The well-equipped galley is where all the food magic happens: you can ask for regular or vegetarian meals, with other diets at request. Finally there is a spacious bar, where you can enjoy a drink during the adult journeys.

In good weather you can enjoy an outdoor meal at one of the middle-deck tables, then relax on the sheltered rear deck, enjoying the views around you.


Shipping type: Barquentine
Homeport: Harlingen (NL)
Date built: 1980
Restored: 1995
Capacity: 30
Length: 47m
Beam: 8m
Draught: 3,9m
Sail: 800m2
Height of mast: 35m
Engine capacity: 600 hp