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Launched in 1919 as the Vrouwe Maria, the Morgenster was built as a herring fishing vessel. In 1927 the ship got its first engine and the current name. She was operating as a motor fishing vessel until 1970. After that she spent a few years as sport fishing vessel and a radio ship for Radio Del Mare. In 1983 Harry and Marian Muter bought the Morgenster to refit it into a Sail Training ship. In 2008 the ship was re-launched as a brig (Dutch: clipperbrik), with a rigging very well suited for a Sail Training ship, but also for speed.

Although over 100 years old, the Morgenster now boasts all of the modern safety features and provides comfortable accommodation for up to 36 trainees. Sailing on the Ship, with her Sail Training program, ensures personal development and growth for anyone willing to learn and to experience new things. Sailing on the Morgenster is not just a vacation – it's an adventure!


Stop and Stare. This is what Marian and Harry Muter – the owners – had in mind, when people would look upon the Morgenster. And they succeeded. As a result of their refit, the Morgenster is a stunning and elegant Ship, and a fast sailor too.

The Morgenster’s mission is to preserve the heritage of the great ships of yesteryear. As a Windseeker you will be part of a team of passionate sailors who give their every effort to preserving the historical heritage of seafaring.

The crew, led by captains Harry and Jakob, speak very good English (and often other languages, too). They are always excited to teach you everything about sailing their Tall Ship and share the beauty of sailing. Even on the shortest of journeys you will feel like you’re part of the Morgenster family. And the night-watch toasties are the stuff of legends!

Every summer you will find her competing in the Tall Ships Races, as well as sailing with young people in the sustainable Exchange@sea. In winter Morgenster is often found exploring the Canary Islands and other exotic places.

Step on board to learn about sailing a square-rigger, in the process practicing teamwork and leadership skills. Challenge yourself to climb the mast and enjoy the rewarding views. Make new friends. Learn some shanties. Have an experience of a lifetime.


Step below deck and find yourself in the spacious seating area. This is where you will share your meals (except for lunch, which is almost always taken on deck.) Here you can also relax with your crew mates after watch. All around you there are nautical details, such as knot-boards, that are educational as well as beautiful. This space has been set up with a great attention to detail.

Go forward to enter the sleeping area, with several four-person- and two-person cabins, and shared bathrooms. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can sleep in one of the 8 comfortable hammocks, for an authentic sailing experience. All in all, the Morgenster can accommodate up to 36 trainees for overnight journeys – that’s a lot of new friends to meet!


Shipping type: Brig
Homeport: Den Helder (NL)
Date built: 1919
Restored: 2010
Capacity: 35
Length: 48m
Beam: 6,6m
Draught: 2,4m
Sail: 600m2
Height of mast: 29m
Engine capacity: 430 HP