One of the most splendid traditional sailing ships. This solid, authentic-rigged ship is not only one of the most beautiful herring loggers, but also a very good sailor. Tecla has won several prizes during the Tall Ships Races and Regattas. She cannot be confined by borders, as she sails all around the world. She won her first Trans-Atlantic Challenge, and has crossed the oceans as she sails wherever her crew want her to go. She has rounded Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn – an accomplishment not many Tall Ships can boast. Nowadays she can be found regularly visiting Scotland, Iceland and Greenland in expeditions which combine sailing and hiking, occasionally going as far as Antarctica and the Pacific! Join the adventure. Become an explorer. Sail with Tecla.


Tecla was launched as the Graaf van Limburg Stirum and put into service for herring fishing. In 1925 the logger was taken out of commission. In 1935 she was sold to a Dane and renamed Tecla. A motor was built in and until 1978 the small coaster was transporting freight like grain, stones and fertilizer between different Danish islands. Meanwhile the ship has returned to the Netherlands and a considerable renovation gave it a new purpose as a sailing charter ship at sea.


Aboard the Tecla you sleep in roomy two-person cabins with private shower and lavatory. Each cabin has central heating, closet space and reading lights, so you can enjoy every comfort you will need to relax after watches. Dinner is served on the lower deck, where you can also find a seating area with a bookcase and music system. It’s a cozy space for exchanging sailing stories with your crew mates and making new friends.


Shipping type: Ketch

Homeport: Winkel (NL)

Date built: 1915

Restored: 1987

Capacity: 16

Length: 38

Beam: 6,6m

Draught: 2,7m

Sail: 380m2

Height of mast: 23

Engine capacity: 236hp


Upcoming journeys with Tecla

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Port Stanley (FK) - Port Stanley (FK)

30 Dec 2024 - 11 Jan 2025

Falkaland island voyage. Set sail from Port Stanley and explore the Falkland Islands under sail. Depending on weather and wind, sail will be set around the...

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Port Stanley (FK) - Puerto Williams (CL)

13 Jan 2025 - 21 Feb 2025

Exploring the Southern Ocean. Discover the shores of Falkland Islands before sailing to remote South Georgia. The wildlife is simply breath-taking! Spend some days visiting the...

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Puerto Williams (CL) - Puerto Williams (CL)

23 Feb 2025 - 16 Mar 2025

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. When starting the crossing of the infamous Drake passage, the Elephant Island will be your first land fall. Following this chain of...

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Puerto Natales (CL) - Puerto Montt (CL)

28 Mar 2025 - 09 Apr 2025

From Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt is a voyage of discovery. There will be a limited time to really explore along the Chilean coastline, heading into...

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Puerto Montt (CL) - Rapa Nui (CL)

10 Apr 2025 - 30 Apr 2025

From Patagonia to Polynesia: cruising on the Pacific Ocean. Board Tecla is Puerto Montt, in the Lake District of Chile. Depending on weather and wind, a...

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Photo of the traditional Dutch ship Tecla sailing


Rapa Nui (CL) - Papeete, Tahiti (PF)

02 May 2025 - 31 May 2025

Starting from Easter Island, the first part of the voyage will be an ocean crossing. With good weather, nice warm night watches and maybe even time...

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Papeete, Tahiti (PF) - Honolulu, Hawaii (US)

02 Jun 2025 - 29 Jun 2025

Set sail between Tahiti and Hawaii. Explore the Pacific Islands with the Tecla crew. This long voyage will give you enough time to really see what...

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Honolulu, Hawaii (US) - Dutch Harbor, Alaska (US)

01 Jul 2025 - 25 Jul 2025

From Hawaii to Alaska over the Pacific Ocean. Starting with a tropical vibe, this North Pacific voyage will head to a place that speaks to the...

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Dutch Harbour, Alaska (US) - Nuuk (GL)

27 Jul 2025 - 16 Sep 2025

Attempting the Northwest Passage. In 2019 and 2023, the Tecla crew successfully navigated through the ice and channels of the Northwest Passage. Now you can be...

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Nuuk (GL) - Reykjavik (IS)

18 Sep 2025 - 04 Oct 2025

Form Greenland to Iceland: a proper crossing at the end of the season. Enjoy some of the most spectacular Northern light displays as you sail on...

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Reykjavik (IS) - Harlingen (NL)

05 Oct 2025 - 29 Oct 2025

This voyage is all depending on wind and weather. The roughly 700 miles between Reykjavik and Ullapool can be sailed in 5 days with a favorable...

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