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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!

Vannes (FR) - Oban (GB)

18 May - 26 May 2015

8 days, Oosterschelde

From € 760,-

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Vannes (FR) - Oban (GB)

18 May - 26 May 2015

Embark on a journey with Tall Ship Oosterschelde from Vannes to Oban, across the Bay of Biscay, the Celtic Sea, and the Irish Sea. The Journey is about 660 miles, so the wind direction will play a large part in how quickly you cross the open waters. Once in the Irish sea, there are a lot of beautiful bays and anchorages to enjoy in the last few days of your yourney. Enroll in the watch system and help sail the ship: steering, setting sails, being on lookout, and doing chores on deck and below. The experienced crew will teach you all you need to know. Keep a sharp eye on the waters around you, as dolphins and moonfish can often be spotted in this area, as well as many sea birds. Your arrival in Oban will be celebrated with a pint in a local pub. Open to Windseekers of all ages, minimum age 15 years.

Vanne is situated in the bay of Morbihan – just below Brest. An amazing sailing ground. Discover the blue inner sea on the French coast on board the Oosterschelde.

Vanne and Morbihan will be the decor for the 2 yearly festival La Semain du Golf in the days before your Journey. Big and Small vessels will be gathered in this “small sea” (the translation of Morbihan). Set sail out of the bay onto open water, into the Bay of Biscay, an area well known to real sailors.


Vannes is a medieval French town with a distinctly Breton character. The well-preserved old city centre boasts many small pedestrian streets and colorful buildings, so go ahead and explore! Its sheltered location in the Golfe du Morbihan makes Vannes a populair sailing destination, and the surrounding countryside offers beautiful scenery – a perfect setting for a hike! In the summer Vannes organizes a Jazz festival and a historic festival, so you might be in luck when you arrive…

Oban (meaning ‘little bay’ in Gaelic) is a small harbor town on the west coast of Scotland, famous for its whiskey distillery. The town occupies a beautiful setting in the Firth of Lorn, and is a perfect place to find shelter from the Atlantic. Walking around town is a pleasure, and close by you’ll find mountains, castles, dramatic coastal scenery, and McCaig’s tower that resembles the Colosseum. In the first week of August, the town plays host to West Highland week, a yearly sailing regatta.

Key points

  • Dates: 18 May 2015 - 26 May 2015
  • Embarkation: 10:00 / Disembarkation: 9:00
  • For Windseekers of all ages, minimum age 15 years
  • Windseekers joining: maximum of 24
  • No sailing experience required!
  • Official language on board: English
  • Price includes: accommodation and meals, excludes drinks at the bar
  • Price excludes transportation costs to-and from the ports. Our travel counsellor can advise you and book your transfers
  • One-off registration fee €25
  • Windseekers need to have a health insurance and a travel insurance
  • Need to take with you on board: towels
  • Contact your fellow-Windseekers via Windseeker facebook
  • "This adventure brings a lot of feelings with it, it's a wake-up call for life."

    Ian (20), Belgium

You sail on the Oosterschelde

Shipping type: Three-masted topsail schooner
Homeport: Rotterdam (NL)
Date built: 1917
Trainees: 24
Length: 50 m
Height of mast: 36 m
Sail: 891 m2

An adventurous classic; stepping on board this monumental beauty is like stepping into another world. The atmosphere on board the Oosterschelde is one filled with history and adventure. The classical interior and brass polished details make you feel right at …

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    We are all adventurers... each of us in our own way. For some... it's facing the sea-sickness of rolling swells and books that move across the table on their own. Or climbing the mast all the way to the top, …

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    Absolutely Awesome Day


    Southern Atlantic Ocean

    – by Annie van Haaren

    Today was absolutely awesome. Waking from a good 7 hour sleep to breakfast, first time in 5 days as I had been sleeping right through it when on the dog watch. We had watch from 8 am till 12 midday. …

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